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My top 6 Tik Tokers

Over the past year millions of people around the world turned to Tik Tok for entertainment. I am one of those people, lol. I still find myself losing time watching my top 6 favorites listed below. I encourage you to check these ladies out along with my account also (my_motley_crew) .

*These are listed in no particular order*

  1. Toytalkstoyou – Toy is an absolute favorite for when I need a good laugh. And it isn’t even because she is a proud alumna of the most amazing Lincoln University like myself. Whether she is talking about her 3 children aka “the clones”, about hiding Amazon packages from her husband aka “the superintendent”, or dropping it like it’s hot representing full figured women, Toy is a must watch!
  2. Hotmesexprespinkystyle – I don’t know what I did before discovering Pinky and her tiny mic. She is a lady of many chapsticks and many crowns. I love watching her duets with others and hearing her stories.
  3. Csapunch – This lady here is one after my own heart. Chrissy is the queen of throwbacks always posting videos with some of my favorite jams. Her content is super relatable and funny.
  4. TheGlamBar01 – When TheGlamBar01 pops up under my “following” tab I am always met with cute and unique fashion tips. Whether she is modeling clothes from her own line or awesome thrifting finds her look is always well put together.
  5. Ashleykeiko – Listen to me when I tell you that this young lady is a WHOLE VIBE!!!! She is a instrumental genius and an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to. I will definitely be supporting her by purchasing her album “Pursuit of Harmony
  6. ThemHoffers – Cyndi is the ultimate “Mama Bear” who seems to love organizing and animal prints. She is super transparent and just tells it like she sees it. She is a definite friend in my head.

So there you have it! Please note that these are MY top 6 Tik Tokers. I was not asked to highlight their profiles or promised anything. I appreciate all of these accounts for making me smile when days get crazy. Please watch and enjoy!!

Featured Image by antonbe from Pixabay

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