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Start Your Day!

Yesterday I felt like I accomplished some great things for Beyond Our Pearls (BOP). I created a logo, set up Instagram, and joined some clubs on Facebook. I even established that my BOP goals for today would be to write a post and find others to follow on IG.

But then, I looked around my home. Although I accomplished things for my blog, I didn’t accomplish much else around the house and felt a bit overwhelmed with the disarray of the house when I went to bed.

Today I was super excited to get started on my BOP goals. But first I needed to get other things done around the house so that I would not have that overwhelming feeling that I encountered last night. When my eyes opened bright and early instead of just laying in bed thinking about my day like I typically do, I made the choice to get up out of bed and begin my day. It felt so nice to get things done that need to be done so that I could enjoy spending this time right now writing this post and content planning in my journal.

I say all this to say, get started doing those things that you enjoy doing. Create the life you want to live. Find the joyful things in life that will bring a smile to your face. Even if that means sometimes you have to wake up a little earlier to get the dishes done.

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